Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

ASCA Show Gronau 2012 and final report of the year!

Es war nun unser letztes Show-Wochenende für 2012!

Wir sind unglaublich stolz über die Erfolge unserer Sunnycreek's (Sunnycrack's)

Reeba * both days 2nd
Lilly * 3rd & 2nd
Miley * both days 1st
Elia * both days 1st and WD on SAT :-)
Elliot * 3rd and 2nd (first show)
Eljero * both days 1st and WD on SUN :-)

THANK YOU to the owners of my great kids and to the judges who regonized our dogs!


Sunnycreek's Rustic Rendition *WINNERS DOG* 5 ASCA points

Sunnycreek's Rockstar Rendition *3rd & 2nd place*

Sunnycreek's Platinum *Winners Dog* 5 ASCA points
& RESERVE WD in Freiburg/Elbe

Sunnycreek's Miles To Go *10 ASCA points*
Sunnycreek's Navi-Gator *Winners Dog in Belgium* 5 ASCA points
Sunnycreek's Mr. Mistoffelees *RESERVE WD* Freiburg/Elbe
Sunnycreeks InfiniteReflection CD OTDds GS-O JS-E-OP RS-O RA - Alex * He finished his RS-O, GS-O,

JS-E-OP and RA this year and started the ATDd & ATDs each with 1 Q. 


ASCA Champion

Luxembourg Champion

Dutch Junior Champion

Amsterdam Junior Winner 2011

#20 in ASCA Conformation Standings for 2011-12 year 

Vice Junior World Winner 2011

Reverve Brussels Winner 2011

Crufts Qualified

Sunnycreek's Heavenly Happy Hunk "Thunder"

ASCA show Jubbega DWAS (NL)

Thunder became BEST OF BREED and BEST IN SHOW under judge D. van Housen

And also place 20 in the ASCA Top 30 Confromation list of 2011/2012

and finally Watch for him on the ASCA Nationals in Bakersfield this November wink

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